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Sep 13, 2016. It was a bug with phpmyadmin. When you create a new constraint you usually are allowed to leave its name field blank, and it fills it for you. This time, for some still unknown reason, this didn't work and gave this unrelated error. Filling the name field did the trick, and allowed me to create the constraint.

Problem setting foreign key using phpmyadmin. MySQL Database Forums on Bytes. I am trying to create a foreign key on tblOrders.CustomerID to relate back to tblCustomer.CustomerID. All the data is InnoDB. I get an error of check datatypes. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong. Any Ideas? Jan 13 '12. Post Reply.

. and Delete Foreign Key – phpMyAdmin. How to. because only this engine supports foreign key. To check the. Some Possible Error While Creating a Foreign Key.

Setting up foreign keys in phpMyAdmin?. why would you want to create foreign key constraints at all. Error creating foreign key on [PID column] (check data types)

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PHPMyAdmin Mysql Error creating foreign key on <attribute. – PHPMyAdmin Mysql Error creating foreign key on <attribute> (check data types) (MySQL) –

If there are several rows in the parent table that have the same referenced key value, InnoDB acts in foreign key checks as if the other parent rows with the same key value do not exist. For example, if you have defined a RESTRICT type constraint, and there is a child row with several parent rows, InnoDB does not permit the.

May 23, 2013. You declared column Article.idCat as NOT NULL, and then you are trying to create foreign key with ON DELETE SET NULL action. Change column or foreign key definition.

The type of warehouses->id is int. Error creating foreign key on from (check data types) mysql. Phpmyadmin/MySQL Create Foreign Key Error. 0.

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The type of warehouses->id is int. Error creating foreign key on from (check data types) mysql. Phpmyadmin/MySQL Create Foreign Key Error. 0.

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The following query fails with error "Error creating foreign key on city (check data types)": ALTER TABLE `hotels` ADD FOREIGN KEY ( `city` ) REFERENCES `mydatabase.

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Aug 26, 2014. There are some possible cases that might cause failure on creating Foreign Keys on MySQL database. These errors. InnoDB needs indexes on foreign keys and referenced keys so that foreign key checks can be fast and not require a table scan. The two key fields must have the compatible data type.

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