Sort Error Rdw Not Included


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Abend Codes. The information below was extracted verbatim from File #134 of the CBT tape. All that has been done was the removal of the TSO HELP control information.

Note that record descriptor word (RDW) does not show while in edit: column positions do not include the RDW. SYSOUT=* 000017 //SYSIN DD * 000018 SORT FIELDS=(5,3,CH,A) 000019 OUTREC FIELDS=(1:1,4, RDW (SORT WILL ADJUST IT) 000020 5:5,3, I WANT TO KEEP ACCT NBR AND 000021 8:28,2, NBR OF.

DFSORT – Simple Sort with Multiple Columns Using Sort FIELDS. How to use Variable Block (VB) Records in DFSORT with Record Descriptor Word (RDW) Recent Posts.

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Oct 29, 2015. SORT, when using BUILD (or the horribly outdated FIELDS-in-a-context-where- BUILD-should-be used), always required for variable-length records that the RDW is copied. The original content can be irrelevant, the correct record-length will be handled by SORT, but the field must be sourced from the actual.

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DFSORT does not include the RDW in the FB output records. Attention: You cannot specify OVERLAY, FINDREP, or IFTHEN with VTOF. The following JCL and DFSORT control statements convert a VB data set with LRECL=104 to an FB data set with LRECL=100: //VBFB JOB A92,PROGRAMMER //S1 EXEC PGM= SORT.

Board index ‹ 3rd PARTY MAINFRAME TOOLS ‹ Syncsort/Synctool; Change font. the following sort card. with BUILD getting the same error( OUTREC RDW NOT INCLUDED ).

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If you use the OVERLAY, IFTHEN OVERLAY, or IFTHEN PUSH parameter of INREC or OUTREC, you must not overlay the RDW in positions 1-4. So all of your items. If you forget to specify c: for the first item, c will default to 1 which will result in an error message because you would be overlaying the RDW. For example:

Note: DFSORT accepts but does not process the following OUTFIL operands: BLKSIZE=value, BUFLIM=value, BUFOFF=value, CARDS=value, CLOSE=value, DISK,

Mar 13, 2012. If you are not using a 24-bit parameter list, make sure you have supplied a SORT or MERGE control statement or an OPTION COPY statement. ICE011A. Note that for VSAM data sets processed as variable-length, the record length is increased by 4 bytes since DFSORT prepends an RDW to each record.

The issue appears to be a disconnect of some sort between. If there was any.

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I have used the following sort card. Select all. OPTION COPY OUTREC IFTHEN =(WHEN=(27,01,CH,EQ,C'1'), OVERLAY=(1,4, 05:5,396, 396:5Z, 401:5Z, 406:5Z, 469:396,500)). both the outfile and input file parameters are matching. I am getting the error. WER235A OUTREC RDW NOT INCLUDED

I searched the error and found. Post the Sort card you are using on the VB. Sat May 07, 2016 3:09 am Post subject: Reply to: OUTREC RDW NOT INCLUDED:

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