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L3000报错,各位大虾帮帮看看怎么回事?小弟初识hp设备。 – HP-UX. – 2011年5月4日. Summary: Disk at hardware path 0/0/1/1.2.0 : Media failure. Description of Error: The device was unsuccessful in reading or writing data for the current I/O. Error Code : 0x70. Segment Number : 0x00. Bit Fields: Filemark : 0. End-of-Medium : 0. Incorrect Length Indicator : 0. Sense Key : 0x03. Information.

Podobně reaguje i Toast Titanium akorát ten vyhodí hlášku "The drive reported an error: Sense Key = medium error Sense Code = 0x73, 0x03. Myslíte si, že je to použitím média Verbatim DVD+R? Jiné jsem zatím nezkoušel. Ještě zkusím vypálit obyčejné CD 700mb nějakých dat a příspěvek upravím. Děkuji. :).

Code: [1221060.356007] sd 0:0:1:0: [sdb] Unhandled error code [ 1221060.356013] sd 0:0:1:0: [sdb] [1221060.356015] Result: hostbyte=DID_OK driverbyte=. [1221060.356054] Sense Key : Not Ready [current]. [ 1221060.356057] Add. Sense: Logical unit not ready, initializing command required

Required hardware. This application note is designed to run on an XMOS xCORE-USB series device. The example code provided with the application has been. On Mac, it displays as '' XMOSLTD Flash Disk Media ''. REQUEST SENSE: command requests the device to transfer sense data to the host whenever an error.

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"Sense key= Medium Error, Sense Code= 0X73, 0X03" I've already. for this media and Toast 9 Titanium gave me the error "Sense key. case to be hardware.

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2 Sep 2007. Crei que eran los CDs virgenes que no eran buenos, pero si funcionan en un mac. Sense Code: 0x73 Qual 0x03 (power calibration area error) Fru 0x0. y si es asi, ¿como cambiarlo? , tambien he visto en informacion de hardware que en SCSI Device pone Fabricante:Unknow ,Dispositivo:Unknow,

Sense Key = HARDWARE ERROR. Sense Code = 0x09, 0x01. Toast 10 ; Sense Key = Harware Error Theme. Default. Roxio v4.2 (Default) Contact Us; Powered by Invision.

Everytime I try to burn a DVD in Toast in OS X I get the error message Sense Key = Medium Error sense Code = 0x73, 0x03 while it is trying to write the

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Failed Cache Error Code D08b write – Below you can see an example of the output from a failed. cache-control none header and vary Lang header, use a less narrow specification, like adds correct headers. A failing test has two parts. The test specification, and the error. Cydia Sub-process Bin Bzip2 Error This is the

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